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Welcome to Tectuts!

Hello! It's nice of you to stop by. If you want to listen to the story of this pet project of mine then read on.

It all started when I got into technology after racking up a bunch of student loan debt for a bachelor’s degree I didn't know I didn't want. To get my foot in the door I started working for a well-known registrar here in the Phoenix area. After that I dove deep into the tech world.

Since I started at the bottom of the totem pole, I had to do inbound tech support for customers that would call in frustrated that something was not working. Sadly, most of the time this was due to negligence on their part. For example, a WordPress site that had not been updated for years and infected beyond repair with malware. At first, I must admit I was sort of angry with these people. They would come in hot-headed about how our company broke their website and get increasingly angry when I told them it wasn’t our responsibility to fix it. They would usually have to pay for an additional service. But then I started thinking. What if people had a place where they could go to learn how to fix their broken sites? We know that there are tutorials out there but not a place that is completely unbiased and doesn’t want you to buy anything or show you millions of advertisements. Hence tectuts.com was born. A place to go to find in-depth tutorials that anyone can complete without worry of being pushed to purchase another product. This has been my pet project and I am looking forward to growing the database with anything that people need to succeed online.